99 Roses

We all recognise that roses are more than mere blossoms. They represent emotions, memories, and narratives. Their universal appeal connects with people of diverse backgrounds. As we move forward, remember that each petal holds a story, waiting to be shared. Let's explore how we have warmly embraced this beloved flower.

The Historical Significance of Rose Symbolism

The rose is not just a flower; it carries stories, emotions, and symbols. From ancient civilizations to modern urban centres, its allure remains undiminished. Centuries ago, the gardens of Persia cherished roses, and from there, they ventured into Greek myths and Roman ceremonies. Over time, roses journeyed eastward, accompanying trade and travellers, and their symbolism found a special place in Asian hearts.

The Different Colours of Roses and Their Meanings

Selecting a rose isn't solely about its colour; it's about the message it conveys. Here, we explain what each colour symbolises, allowing you to make guided choices.

Red Roses:

Red signifies heartbeats and passion. When you choose a red rose bouquet, you're speaking the language of love. Perfect for romantic occasions like anniversaries or Valentine's Day, it's like sending an unspoken "I love you."

White Roses:

Pure, pristine, and poetic. White roses express sentiments of fresh beginnings and reverence. They grace weddings, symbolizing new journeys, and in moments of farewell, they convey respect and remembrance.

Yellow Roses:

Yellow roses radiate cheer, warmth, and joy capturing the sunlight in their petals. Whether it's a birthday or moments of triumph, these are your go-to blooms for expressing happiness and celebration.

Pink Roses:

Pink roses provide a soft, heartful touch with their petals. They convey gratitude, appreciation, and gentle admiration. For Mother's Day or an everyday thank-you, choose pink roses.

Lavender Roses:

Lavender roses are slightly mystical. They hint at enchantments or the magic of "love at first sight." Do you have a unique bond or a fresh love tale? These roses tell that story best.

Other Unique Shades:

Beyond the common palette, roses surprise us with rare shades. From the allure of blue to the intrigue of black, each has a tale. While they may not be everyday choices, they certainly make occasions memorable.

Crafting the Perfect Rose Bouquet: Art & Science

A rose bouquet is more than a cluster of flowers; it's a statement, an emotion, a gesture. So, how does one craft perfection?

Consider aesthetics. If you're blending colours, ensure they harmonize and don't clash. Size matters too; a colossal rose amid tinier ones might overshadow, while tiny buds can add delicacy. Besides, while roses take the spotlight, other flowers and fillers help enhance the narrative.

Lastly, don't forget the scent. Roses are as much about their fragrance as their appearance. So, opt for varieties that appeal to the senses.

Special Occasions to Gift Roses

With a calendar filled with special days. Each occasion has its unique flair, and roses often play a pivotal role in these celebrations.

Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Year's arrival paints the streets with red lanterns, lion dances, and festive melodies. Amid this vibrant atmosphere, roses stand out. Their elegance complements the festive decorations. Gifting a bouquet, especially red roses, during this time is akin to sending wishes of prosperity and love.


Time flies, yet love remains timeless. Anniversaries are the milestones that couples cherish, and roses elevate these moments. Anniversary flowers filled with red or even golden roses (for significant years) encapsulate the shared journey and the promise of days ahead.


Birthdays are diverse, from quiet family dinners to grand parties, and roses fit every setting. Choosing the right shade is essential. While yellow roses celebrate friendship, pink conveys admiration. Let roses express your deep emotions when the next birthday arrives on your calendar.


Weddings blend tradition and personal touches. Roses play a dual role here. They grace the ceremonies with their presence, symbolizing love and commitment. Moreover, the choice of roses often tells a story. For example, white signifies purity, and red embodies passion, so pick a mix that reflects the couple's unique bond.

Valentine’s Day:

As seen in many parts of the world, Valentine's Day sees a surge in rose gifting. Red roses are a classic choice, but exploring other shades can surprise your loved one. After all, every love story is unique. A bouquet of 99 roses is especially beloved, symbolizing eternity, enduring love, and longevity.

Caring for Roses in a Tropical Climate

Although a tropical climate can be delightful, it can be a bit challenging for roses. But with a touch of care, their beauty can still shine through. If you're gifting roses, ensure they have ample water. Using a wet cloth to wrap the stems can work wonders during transit. Once home, placing them in a vase with fresh water will prolong their bloom. And of course, a cool spot away from direct sunlight helps retain their freshness.

The Role of the Florist: Crafting Emotions with Petals

Behind every bouquet, there's an artist - the florist. In their hands, roses transform from mere flowers to stories. Crafting a bouquet is both art and emotion. Each flower selected, each colour chosen, is with intent. When you see a bouquet that resonates, know that it's been crafted specifically for moments you cherish. Online Florist knows the local preferences and occasions and offers fresh and beautiful rose bouquets and flowers. They create bouquets by combining emotions, memories, and wishes into bouquets, turning the beautiful flowers into heartfelt gestures.